Mobile Biofilter

Mobile Biofilters were developed around three principles: modular design allowing for easy expansion and transportation; system mobility, creating highly adaptive design methodology for any construction project; and upcycling of containers otherwise headed for the waste stream.

Fabricated out of upcycled food-grade plastic totes, Mobile Biofilters are palletized for ease of transportation and can be connected in series to create an installation appropriate for a range of sites. Mobile Biofilters sit above the surface, removing the necessity of ground penetration and any potential associated permitting or groundwater intrusion problems from the installation process. Our mobile greenbelt and constructed wetland systems are designed to integrate, providing multiple ecosystem services for air and water remediation and waste stream filtration at the commercial or municipal scale.

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Mobile Biofilters have been installed at the Port of Oakland, as  an installation at the Maker Faire, in West Oakland bordering an EPA superfund site and at the Urban Prototyping Festival in San Francisco. 



Green Infrastructure and Bioremediation