Adapt Oakland

Adapt Oakland is a green infrastructure master plan for West Oakland. Harnessing the momentum from four concurrent plans – the Oakland Army Base (OAB), Gateway Park, North Gateway, and the West Oakland Specific Plan (WOSP) – Adapt Oakland will provide a comprehensive greening plan that identifies priority sites for green infrastructure and lays out a roadmap for developing an ecosystem service economy.

Urban Biofilter was awarded a  Proposition 84 Urban Greening Grant funded by the State of California Strategic Growth Council to develop Adapt Oakland. These funds have been used to research the potential of green infrastructure to mitigate urban air and water pollution and to develop the greening plan with community and agency participation. The plan, which will lay a roadmap for the implementation of green infrastructure in highly-impacted communities in West Oakland, will be complete by the end of 2014. Work in progress can be seen at

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Green Infrastructure and Bioremediation